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The Code 7 Ltd Board of Trustees Statement in response to public allegations made relating to safeguarding concerns.

6th July 2021.


Code 7 Ltd Board of Trustees has become aware of an unspecified public allegation against the organisation and the CEO Asher Senator. These matters have been raised previously and were subject to a safeguarding investigation by the Board after being brought to our attention by our CEO Asher Senator.


Following Code 7’s safeguarding policies and procedures, the Board conducted a thorough Board-level investigation in response. The individual who made this allegation was contacted and invited to provide any substantive evidence in confidence to the Board and offered the alternative of reporting their concerns directly to the Police.


Despite repeated formal attempts to secure this evidence, no response was forthcoming. The Board, therefore, concluded that the allegation was therefore unsubstantiated, and the investigation was closed.


The Board concluded that there was no further action necessary and indicated to the complainant that should they wish to provide any evidence of wrongdoing, subsequently, in the future, the Board would immediately reopen the investigation. This remains the Boards position in response to the most recent repetition of this, as yet, unsubstantiated allegation.


The Code 7 Ltd Board reiterates its commitment to maintaining the highest standards concerning safeguarding issues and invites any evidence concerning this complaint to be submitted directly to the Police or shared in confidence with the Board.


Code 7 Board of Trustees.