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About Us

Code 7’s Formation, Aim, Mission and Vision


Why Code 7 was originally formed: To address the lack of resources and opportunities in our communities for creative and talented young people that we recognised in 1996 as a key factor that was contributing towards the increase of untoward behaviour in our communities. 


Aim: To help every young person and family that we work with gain the motivation, knowledge and skills to improve their life chances and well-being.

Mission: To deliver community focussed, artistic and trauma informed, public health projects that seek to enhance individual and community capabilities, create healthier and safer communities, reduce social and economic exclusion and the incidence of serious violence.

Vision: The construction of multiple Centres of Excellence that operate within disadvantaged communities in England providing relevant high-level services for young people and families.

The meaning of the name Code 7


CODE stands for: Community Organisation Development & Enterprise, the 7 signifies: -


Our Cause:


1. Economic disadvantage

High rates of economic, social and cultural disadvantage among young people and families in Lambeth


2. Decreasing health & wellbeing

Disproportionate rates of poor physical and mental health amongst various communities


3. Restricted access

To quality education and employment opportunities


4. Youth Justice failures

Impacting young black people


5. Serious youth violence

Impacting on the whole community


6. Lack of opportunity

For relevant quality creative and talent development


7. Demotivated communities

Due to inadequate resources and support


Our Ethics:


1. Quality - Ensuring a degree of excellence within our provision.


2. Care - Maintaining serious consideration of our community’s needs.


3.Inclusivity - Providing equal access to our opportunities and resources.


4. Genuineness - Remaining true to our word delivering what we offer.


5. Friendliness - Being welcoming and celebratory of achievements.


6. Transparency - Producing periodically controlled public reports.


7. Legitimacy - Conforming to laws and regulations.

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Board of Trustees
Membership Group
Board of Trustees
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