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Listed are a number of Lambeth organisations that can assist with families and parents who are concerned about young people being at risk of being involved with crime or violence.

Supported by Lambeth Youth Mayor's Fund


The Advocacy Academy

is a transformational social Justice Fellowship young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Across six intense months, we support young leaders from marginalised communities to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.


You will attend three fantastic residential retreats and fortnightly gatherings.


They work with top campaigners, creatives, academics coaches to help them develop the skills to lead grassroots campaign in their community, deliver a speech to their member of Parliament in the House of Commons and so much more. 2018/19 Fellowship program will kick off in August 2018.


The Academy is perfect for anyone who is passionate about changing things in their community, society all world. Applicants must be going to you 12 or 13 and living on going to school in south London.


Contact; 004 7751819752






At every horse we use horses to raise education, life skills, well being and aspirations of young people growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities in South London. We teach riding course care, two groups to outdoor events and non-residential trips, and mental children experiencing significant challenges in their everyday lives.    

Contact 020 7738 3478 

Ebony Horse Club


Ebony Horse Club, 51 Millbrook Road, London SW9 7JD.


Our career programme is designed with the different needs and learning styles of young people at its core.

Skills Focus

Each workshop hones a different core skill set through activities based on real life career challenges. Young people are teamed up, assigned job roles, and the challenges commence. We like to make this a really interactive experience with social media and videos to keep the pace lively and the enjoyment to the maximum. 


Self Management
Problem Solving

Engaging Professionals

In each workshop, our partner professional provides first-hand insight into their career. This is so we have an honest information source that our young people can query face to face.

Online Profile

Throughout the programme, all experiences and newly developed skills are recorded on an online profile. This not only gives young people practice in recording achievements, it means they are better equipped to sell themselves on CVs and personal statements. 

Unique Programme Features

We not only expose young people to careers, we have self-evaluation and goal setting days to encourage self-awareness and personal development skills so they have an action plan to pursue following the programme.    

Meeting The Need

To make sure our programme is relevant, we design what careers are featured throughout it based on the local and national employment needs with a focus on developing sectors, and also through the desires expressed by our youth panel. 

Ongoing Support Networks

At the end of the programme we offer free training opportunities, work experience and job vacancies. As our young people have developed work relevant skills, and most importantly have a better idea of what they want to do, they can now take their first steps on the career ladder.

Spiral Alumni

Our support for young people doesn't stop at the end of the programme. After all, they are our information source and our guidance on how we can continue to do better. Spiral is a youth led initiative so we keep a proactive youth panel engaged in all company developments. What we love the most about our alumni network, is that our Spiral Ambassadors go on to inspire the next generation by becoming our workshop deliverers as returning professionals.


Spiral :

8 Rochester House
Rushcroft Road SW2 1JR

Contact: T: 07854 613 464


IRMO is a community-led organisation that provides Latin Americans with tools and information in an empowering process to build fulfilled, independent and integrated lives in the UK using a rights-based approach.

They do this through a flexible and comprehensive approach addressing a wide range of needs at a number of levels. Our work with the community spans three main pillars:

  • Education, training and employment

  • Advice and case-work

  • Wellbeing


In addition, they have a cross-cutting pillar, which is campaigning for the rights of all migrant communities. Building on over three decades experience, we aim to build a stronger and more resilient community.

IMRO: Unit 8, Warwick House, Overton going to play Road, London, SW9 7JP

Contact; 02077339977 07422667327


The Baytree Centre; 300 to 302 Brixton Road, SW9 6AE is a social inclusion or women and girls based in the heart of Brixton, London.


Those who access the Centre face multiple barriers to inclusion, identified by the women and girls themselves as: lack of English language skills; lack of opportunities to learn in culturally appropriate settings; inability to access employment opportunities; poverty; poor housing; isolation; depression; racism and discrimination (including religious discrimination); abusive homes; family breakdown and a lack of family support and structure.


The services we have developed for our clients focus on education, training, employment, health and social support measures in order to enhance confidence and self esteem and to promote aspirations, community cohesion and cultural harmony.


Baytree’s education & support programmes are flexible and tailor services to the individual needs of users. All projects for both women and girls rely on 1–1 mentoring, offering support to them in overcoming personal difficulties.


Baytree’s supportive, professional atmosphere helps women and girls develop confidence and plan specific steps to build futures for themselves and their families. After spending time at Baytree, 34% of beneficiaries go directly into employment and 63% proceed to further education.

Contact; 0207 733 5283



Providing opportunities for individuals to fulfil their full potential and supporting families to build supportive and sustainable relationships. Creating communities to bring communities together and contributing to making a better and safer society for all. Through their focus work with youth they seek to provide a strong foundation of therapeutic development, creative expression, key life skills and core communication skills, opening up progression routes into extended support networks, sports, the arts, education, training and employment. They seek to provide a platform for young people to create a new positive identities for themselves, breaking free on the identities such as "gang member", "criminal", "deprived", and ‘NEETs’.

Contact; Telephone: 0203 137 1161

Marcus Lipton Community Enterprise,

Marcus Lipton Centre, Minet, SW9, Brixton, London, SW9 7UH.


Brixton. St Martin's Learning Center, 220 Upper Tulse Hill, London SW2 2NS


High Trees Community Development Trust, is now an established community anchor and hub. We work with local people and external partners to build the capacity of individuals and smaller voluntary community organisations. Through the projects and services we deliver, and partnerships we enter into, we seek to regenerate the communities socially and economically.


Services include

  • Courses for Adults

  • Employment Advice & Support

  • Family Support

  • Activities for Children & Young People

  • Community Internet Cafe


Contact; (020) 8671 3132

Email; admin@high-trees,org


Knights Youth Centre for young people aged 8 to 25 since 1936. The centre is open to any young person regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, culture or religion. Their key philosophy is to promote the welfare of young people. They deliver centre, Street, school and community-based programs providing a spectrum of child and youth opportunities from employment support and work experience, to sporting activities.


Contact; 27 Streatham Place, London SW2 4QQ

020 8674 4055


Clapham Park Project says it is continuing to make a direct positive impact on the communities we serve and thereby increasing the community's ability to flourish through enhance understanding, confidence and empowerment. Their core purpose is to make disadvantaged neighbourhoods a better place to live with a focus on three key themes;


  • By supporting residents and communities (particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised).


  • Youth and aspiration.


  • Worthlessness.


    Contact; 0207 622 8756



Alford House  is a youth club based at Aveline Road, KenningtonSouth LondonEngland that was subject of the 1959 documentary "We Are the Lambeth Boys" and two sequels.


Alford House is open to all young people aged 8-21 and offers a variety of sports, games, creative and recreational activities such as art, music production, and vocational training, in a safe and secure environment that is managed by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.


Patrick Davis is the youth support worker. You can contact Patrick at the Club on 020 7735 1519 
or email


Lollard Street Adventure Playground provides an exciting playspace for all children age 6 to 16 years of age. They provide a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and spaces allowing children to initiate their own projects and play environments. There is no charge to use our adventure playground, however we do ask every child and young person to fill out a membership form before attending. Once it is done you are free to turn up and play. Trained staff are on hand to ensure your safety and to enhance everyone's play experience.


Contact; 102 Lollard Street, Kennington, London SE11 8PA.  Tel; (020) 7793 9592 email;


Oasis Play The is a local charity that runs three different and unique facilities for children and young people in and around Clapham, Stockwell, areas of London.


Oasis Play provides innovative and inclusive outdoor play and learning opportunities that enable disabled and non-disabled children and young people to lead happy, fulfilled lives and play positive roles in the community.


Oasis Play runs a Children’s Nature Garden, a youth led go-karting project – Right Track Project and an Adventure Playground. All projects are open access and available for local children to attend after school, on Saturdays and during the school holidays.


Specialist activity sessions are also provided for schools, youth groups, private groups and other agencies.


Each of the three projects has a team of experienced play and youth workers who ensure that all children and young people are able to make the most of the amazing opportunities and experiences that are available on each site.

Oasis Play is managed by a voluntary management committee and funded by the London Borough of Lambeth, The Big Lottery, BBC Children in Need, The Walcot Foundation and Comic Relief.

Contact; Oasis Children’s Venture Main Office 
33 Priory Grove, Stockwell, London SW8 2PD

Tel: 0207 622 8759 Email:

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